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The twin emperors Vek’lor and Vek’nilash, servants of C’Thun have been defeated!

A fearless team of warlocks and warriors (Yakujim, Aphadon, Perseus and Vierklauw) took the brunt of the Twins’ physical and magical attacks (and were kept alive by an awesome team of healers) while the rest of the team brought the full force of their attack to them (while avoiding exploding bugs, arcane explosions and blizzards of course).

The sneaky twins kept teleporting to each other’s positions in a futile attempt to catch us unawares, but we were ready for their dirty tricks! A few rogues nearly collapsed with exhaustion running between the two, yet were still nimble and agile enough to take over when Aphadon and Vierklauw were slain towards the end of the battle (don’t worry, they’re better now).

A superb job from everyone at getting them down on the very first attempt of the night!

Tuesday 22nd August: Deeprun Pest Control strikes a decisive blow against the horde by assassinating their Warchief Thrall in a daring but brilliant raid.

Led by the charismatic Skypheonix, the plan was simple but stunningly effective. An elite summoning team sneaked into Orgrimmar in the dead of night ready to summon the entire raid into position the next day.

While the summons were taking place, a brave secondary team assaulted the Undercity of Lordaeron with the intent of causing the largest distraction possible. This they accomplished with honours. Their brave sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Once the assault began, Thrall soon fell. The warchief he may be, but he and his lieutenants didn’t stand much of a chance against a surprise attack from a 45-strong team of DPC raiders. The horde were caught completely off guard.

After the battle, we proceeded to the centre of Orgrimmar for a spectacular fireworks celebration in true DPC style!

You’ll have to forgive the somewhat cheesy headline but hey, we’re happy! it started a few weeks ago with Vierklauw getting our first Sulfuras, Hand Of Ragnaros in almost 1 year of raiding MC! This was, of course, followed shortly by the Splinter of Atiesh for Pandiani which was the start of the items for the Legendary Caster Staff.

And now…

10 months and 3 Weeks after getting the first binding from Barron Geddon we FINALLY got the second binding for Perseus there yesterday! Needless to say the MC run was cut short and we took a quick trip to Silithus in order to kill Thunderaan (who wins the “most anti-climatic boss in a while” award!) and form the Guilds first (and probably only!) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

Big thank you to those who lent the last Arcanite needed to form the Elementium Bars, especially ofc Nightstar!

Yep…owing to a nice problem at the host’s side of things the databases for the DKP tables were corrupted and are unable to be restored which is nice and handy as you can imagine! As such I’m in the process of rebuilding as much as I can manually but unfortunately most of the item history etc is basically gone and cant be restored! Rather annoying! 😐

We will however be able to rebuild the DKP values that people had on the 40man (now called primary) table due to the fact we use getDKP which stores a local copy of the amounts people have etc. Unfortunately we dont have an up to date version of the 20man table so the decision about what to do regarding this is still on the drawing boards at the moment but we will probably take the opportunity to address some of the shortfalls of the secondary table.