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New night, new kill to report, this time it was the turn of Anetheron to meet his maker as we continued the recent move into Mount Hyjal and soon the Black Temple as well. This ones just another of many new kills to soon grace these pages so keep an eye out!

Loot was:

  • Bastion of Light – Amadrienia
  • Enchanted Leather Sandals – Graager

Throughout all the blood, sweat and tears we struggled and that was just officer chat after poking fun at Yakujim…

In the end however we stood triumphant over the corpse of one of the major bosses in The Burning Crusade – Kael’Thas Sunstrider. Apparently us “Insolent Monkeys” weren’t quite able to finish the job and he was soon back in Shattrah to taunt us but hey it felt good to have beaten one of the most technical encounters we’d been faced with. Congratulations are in order to all who were there not only on the night but on the various nights leading up to the kill itself and a much deserved pat on the back etc to all.

Loot was:

  • Chestguard of the Fallen Hero – Aphadon
  • Chestguard of the Fallen Hero – Yakujim
  • Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon – Vierklauw
  • Sunhawk Leggings – Rinnoa
  • Verdant Sphere – Batou

And ofc the all important Kael’s Vial Remnant for all in the raid.

Movie currently available via Filefront.

Unlike Kael’Thas our next kill took a lot less time and we marked the attunement of a large group to the Black Temple with the death of Rage Winterchill, the first boss in Mount Hyjal. Was nice to get a “relaxing” boss to kill after the pain that was Kael’Thas and ofc we’re looking forward to moving deeper into BT/MH.

Loot was:

  • Blood-Stained Pauldrons – Azrianna
  • Rejuvenating Bracers – Graager