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A brand new weekly event is coming to WoW: The Deeprun Social!

Following on from the hugely successful Beer ‘n Brawl, DPC is continuing it’s commitment to providing events and fun times to Aggramar/Hellscream server.

Hosted by Deeprun Pest Control, we’re holding a weekly social event in the Brawler’s Guild every Tuesday at 7:00pm game time. We’re holding it on Tuesdays as this is the quietest night for a lot of player who are impatiently awaiting the raid reset on Wednesday.

The Deeprun Social is an informal gathering of players, to partake in…

– Showing off their latest Transmog creations
– Pet battling
– Brawler’s guild
– Random contests and quizzes

We’ll hopefully be attracting a significant proportion of X-realmers, who can roll lvl1 alts on Aggramar to join in the pet battles (your pets are per account, not character/server).

Would be good to have as many friendly faces there. This is still an experiment, but would be great to have whatever support people can give!