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Another one down before Xmas which tbh wasn’t really expected given we’ve alrady got a fair few off on holiday but I’m not complaining! This time it was thefairly fast paced and kinda fun fight that is Gurtogg Bloodboil! So much going on in this fight and yet its still quite fun for the most part! So just 4 more bosses to go so time to start getting those hearts farmed for Shahraz soon…

Loot Was: (Crap and Beecees got a well deserved gkick for it!)

  • Messenger of Fate – Lyu
  • Garments of Temperance – Tallaria

The threat of the Black dragonflight was er…wait they weren’t actually in Hyjal at all were they? Well anyway Archimonde, Sargeras’s right hand demon had a slight run in with the DPC steamroller and came off somewhat worse for wear. Great fight which requires a great deal of co-ordination and attention from all where a single death can ultimately lead to a nasty wipe. It’s rather nice ofc to be going into the Xmas holiday break with such a high ranking kill as this and it ultimately proves DPC as one of the best guilds on the server but then thats something we’ve known ourselves for a long time anyway!

Anyways loot was:

  • Helm of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Lanariel
  • Helm of the Forgotten Conqueror – Svinny
  • Mail of Fevered Pursuit – Gkagliaros
  • Robes of Rhonin – Aae