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Yep more boss kills and bad puns ahoy! This time it was the turn of the blind guy in SSC, Leotheras. After proving to be a bit of a bugger at times we eventually got him down leaving only Lady Vashj left to kill now in SSC (WTB T5 Helm!)

Loot was:

  • Gloves of the Vanquished Hero – Aae
  • Gloves of the Vanquished Defender – Tinything
  • Orca-Hide Boots – Benisaro

Movie now available here (233Mb Xvid Format)

Next to fall was the first boss in Tempest Keep (2nd one we killed though ofc!), the Phoenix God – Al’Ar which we 1 shot on the night after coming close several times the previous night including a couple of classic moments where he meteored the OT who was standing near a wall and respawned on the upper level leading to a wipe! Doh!

Loot was:

  • Phoenix-Wing Cloak – Batou
  • Band of Al’ar – Brandii

Well turned out to be an interesting night, 1 shotted a new boss on the first nite of a fresh instance reset. Now our raiders can stop shivering every time we hear the damn “Mrrrrrrrrgggggggrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll” noise as we twatted Morgrim Tidewalker.

Lewt was:

  • Pendant of the Lost Ages – Benisaro
  • Ring of Sundered Souls – Batou

So after realising the Kara was in fact relating to Fathom Lord Karathress and not the instance with a similar name we went in to Serpentshrine and gibbed him. Took a couple of nites of tries and a silly wipe on trash cost us a kill on thursday but hey he’s dead regardless!

Loot was:

  • Leggings of the Vanquished Champion – Fiona
  • Leggings of the Vanquished Champion – Aae
  • Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker – Disenchanted(!)