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Deeprun Pest Control is back in business.

For too long, DPC festered away as an inactive guild, a shadow of it’s former self. The dust lay thick, guild chat echoed, and our shining reputation dulled. It’s time for a change.

We’ve taken a completely new philosophy to how DPC will be run. We’re no longer a competitive raiding guild, we are so much more handsome than that. We’re in the process of blossoming into something brand new and magnificent.

DPC is flexible

Everything below is designed to keep the guild fluid and flexible. WoW will grow stale at the end of this expansion cycle and people will be slow to log on. The philosophies below allow the guild to swell and shrink, expectedly, in the future. It puts minimum strain on those organising (and partaking), so playing feels less like a chore and more like a game.

Raiding guild no more

DPC will not be a raiding guild in the foreseeable future. Establishing yourself as a raiding guild is hit and miss: when you’re winning, making server first and early clears, everything is awesome. But it is such a fragile position to hold, as most of you know. All it takes is for a well geared tank to switch teams, and the whole house of cards falls down. There’s anger, frustration and people quitting. To me, personally, it’s not worth it. And for those who want the hard raid guild, there are hundreds of other options out there, by people who will do it far better than us.

A new type of guild – Feeder Guild

There’s no hiding from it: PvE is still a big part of the endgame, and people still want to see raids and get pruplez. And the new DPC will be supporting that, using our biggest and best asset: our reputation.
DPC has a history of being an awesome, handsome guild. We will be promoting ourselves as a feeder guild: supplying other guilds with last minute tanks, DPS and healers for their raids (Flexi normal/heroic). This will be a slow rock to start rolling, but as influence spreads it will get used. Especially when other guilds are suffering from dry spells of attendance. We already have many members offering their ‘services’ to other guilds who have short attendance at late notice.
Picture DPC like an exclusive Adventurer’s Guild, we’re all inside the guild hall drinking ourselves silly when a hunched over old man pleads us for help in leading an army to defeat some big rock dragon. We’ll send our best. Maybe. If we feel like it. There’s more beer to drink first.
No obligations, no drama. Flexible. The new DPC way.

Social Heavy

WoW is a totally different beast from what it was 10 years ago. You’re not obligated to re-run Stratholme for the 400th time because there’s nothing anything else to do. You like pet battles? Awesome: we’ll be doing pet battle tournaments. Dueling Tournaments too. City Raids? Hell yes: Vol’jin has it coming. Bad-!@# firework displays? Check. Flash mobbing? I’ve got some awesome ideas on that. Transmog/Achievment runs? Dang straight. Guild dungeon runs so you don’t have to queue for eight hours? Done. Being sociable and actually doing stuff as a guild rather than limiting ourself to a plate of green lines and letters? Absolutely.

Also: I want to kill Thrall: and I know how to do it. I need you.

New recruitment strategy – Easy in Easy Out

We’ll be opening up recruitment again very soon. Essentially: anyone can join. Young or old. We will still maintain the ‘adult’ theme of guild chat, but everyone will be welcome. We’ll be actively recruiting new players and seasoned vets into the cause. People who need to keep their mains in the <Superraiderz> guild, but want to enjoy a relaxed vibe on their alts? Very welcome. In the future we’ll be having a guild emissary rank, where people from other guilds can log on and ask DPC for last minute spots in their raids and events.

We fully expect to pick up some bad eggs along the way. Self righteous trolls. Entitled muggins. Beggers. Drama llamas. When we open the gates, these people will appear. They won’t be around for long: with the easy in / easy out policy, officers have freedom and confidence to remove new members who don’t share our ethos. DPC’s reputation is incredibly important, we won’t risk ruining that.

New rules

  • Be respectful of all: You represent DPC, and are a beacon of it’s influence across the server. Do it proud.
  • Ask in guild chat first: No-one is obligated to help you, but ask in guild chat first. Be it sales, dungeons, opening lock-boxes, quest help or game info.

I look forward to seeing you all around very soon.

All the best,


Finally retired the ageing and creaking Joomla install and set us up a shiny new WordPress instance!

After setting it up, Jellymel chose and tweaked the theme and I then spent 5 hours or so importing all the news items and images from the old site. Nostalgia trip reading through all the old posts!

Anyway, everything’s nicely categorized now, see the list of categories on the right. ⇒

Probably some more changes to come!