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Sindragosa 25-man kill – 14 February 2010

We decided to go give Sindragosa a nice Valentine’s Day present (some throat sweets for that dire-sounding sore throat she seems to have), but she didn’t take too well to it so we killed her instead. Onwards to the Lich King!

First, the little bit of news from our 10-man progress:

The Lich King 10-man kill – 12 February 2010


Yes, the Lich King has been slain (server-first kill for Aggramar EU), and a (magically video-enchanted) statue has now been placed in the centre of Dalaran so that everyone may know… what no-one should ever know apparently.

Our 10-man teams can now progress on to the hard-mode content.

In 25-man, progress towards the Lich King is going well, with only Sindragosa now standing between us and him. Some gratuitous screenshots follow:

Blood Queen Lana’thel 25-man kill – 4 February 2010

Professor Putricide 25-man kill – 28 January 2010