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The favoured spawn of Deathwing: Nefarian and Onyxia, have now been slain on heroic 25-man mode; completing our progress through Blackwing Descent, and granting us another server first achievement.

I’m hoping they’re really dead this time; as resurrected bosses go these ones have had quite a few runs.

I’m obliged to mention that some mages also did some heroic respeccing and we’re all very impressed‚Ķ

In other news we have also defeated Al’Akir heroic on 10-man mode (which is currently a bit easier than 25-man) for yet another server first achievement. Everyone in that raid forgot to take a screenshot though. Bunch of muppets.

Hopefully we’ll be able to report on a 25-man kill of that some time soon, but our focus now is the remainder of the Bastion of Twilight: Ascendant Council, Cho’gall and of course Sinestra.