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First of all, if you are wondering “they always do titles that have DPC in them and this one isn’t one :O” well its there, just the other way around simply because this title was too good to pass on.

Now to the interesting part:

The Ascendant Council took us 1 night to master and kill, it was hard to fight all the elements but in the end they lacked heart.

With this last server first of the tier we finally get to 13/13 HC right before Firelands comes out enabling us to concentrate on the new content that will be here soon.

After we took care of Chogall it was time for Lady Sinestra to bite the dust, or go back to her lava bath if you prefer that way.

Took us a bit over a week to learn how to dodge cutters, dodge purple balls, not overaggro whelps, not rage at stupid stuff like keyboards getting stuck and loads more.

But after we managed to do all that in 1 try it was great, everything clicked and Sintharia went back to the hole she came from.

And yet again a group of brave DPC members took a server first 😀

After a couple of months without raiding due to some issues we had we decided to get on with it and get our progress on track again.

We prepared to face the dual-headed beast that is Chogall for an epic battle in The Bastion of Twilight but in the end he just gave us arround 20 minutes of fun since he died on the second pull enabling us to secure yet another Aggramar Server First for DPC 😀