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Yogg-Saron, the Fiend of a Thousand (Ugly) Faces was slain at the hands of DPC tonight in the server-first heroic kill on Aggramar EU!

It took 3 full nights of tries to get the strategy and execution down, mastering such tricky feats as “moving away from cloudy things”, “not standing next to exploding things” and “looking away from the scary things”. A tough challenge to be sure, but one we were well prepared to rise to.

Some pictures:

The Victorious Old-God Slaying Team

Errr…. we’re not sure what happened here…

Needless to say, some silly celebrations swiftly followed in Dalaran, and we learned a lot of fun things to do as a raid of 25 bunnies.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, congratulations to everyone involved in the kill! Now on to the hard modes…