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Well we continue to rampage through Blackwings Lair having taken down the next 3 bosses in a row with relatively little difficulty compared to the harsher encounters that Razorgore and Vael were. Firemaw was first to go followed by a whole load of trash mobs, still we got a few Elementium Ore out of those so it wasn’t too bad! Next on the list was Flamegor who was followed swiftly by Ebonroc (we took Flamegor first as we were low on tanks at that point).

Now onto Chromaggus…we had to get Incinerate and Time Lapse though, doh! Still its a learning process!

So after Vael came our attempts at Broodlord Lashlayer which included our first ever 1%!!! Rather than be put off by that, instead it pretty much galvanised people and we went back in the next night and after a ropey start (how did we wipe on the trash???) we got him down on our first meeting that night! Loot dropped was Stormrage Boots, Netherwind Boots and Black Brood Pauldrons. Reset was the following night so we had a few goes at Firemaw to work on positioning etc and nail a few trash mobs before then.

Fresh instance on Monday, and so we went back in to face our old friends Razorgore and Vael! Razorgore went down first try giving us yet the first of our bloodfang set for the night (you’ll notice a pattern with the drops!). Vael proved slightly tougher, including ANOTHER 1% wipe, however he went down without much difficulty on the 4th try, 2nd Bloodfang of the night and also the Drgaonfang Blade again. Broodlord was next and didn’t last long, killed on the 2nd try of the night after a quick adjustment to our DPS pattern…and won’t you believe it…more Bloodfang! So great night for all, especially the rogues and we have to admit it went way beyond our original expectations for the night so well done all involved!

Was a bit of a slog but needless to say well done all those involved! Vael was killed finally on only our 3rd try of the night (ok 4th but we kinda discount that first one, ner!) Loot dropped was Waistband of Wrath, Netherwind Belt, Dragonfang Blade. Grats again to all involved and ofc the loot winners as well!

After that we went for our first go at Broodlord Lashlayer, 32% on the first try aint bad at all especially given the chaos of the hatchery rooms! Was a bit late for a retry so instead we went and downed Onyxia to round off the night gettin Spartin his Quel’Serrar (guild first, damn book never drops for us despite Perseus farming it relentlessly for weeks!) 🙂