Was a bit of a slog but needless to say well done all those involved! Vael was killed finally on only our 3rd try of the night (ok 4th but we kinda discount that first one, ner!) Loot dropped was Waistband of Wrath, Netherwind Belt, Dragonfang Blade. Grats again to all involved and ofc the loot winners as well!

After that we went for our first go at Broodlord Lashlayer, 32% on the first try aint bad at all especially given the chaos of the hatchery rooms! Was a bit late for a retry so instead we went and downed Onyxia to round off the night gettin Spartin his Quel’Serrar (guild first, damn book never drops for us despite Perseus farming it relentlessly for weeks!) 🙂

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