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Kil’jaeden the Deceiver, leader of the Burning Legion, was finally vanquished tonight by the members of the Deeprun Pest Control guild.

The battle with Kil’jaeden was pretty intense, but very much an enjoyable and epic encounter.

The loot dropped was:

  • Cover of Ursol the Wise – Suture
  • Coif of Alleria – Judith
  • Hammer of Sanctification – Hyanii
  • Borderland Paingrips – Syntanite

It’s been a tough ride through Sunwell Plateau, but I personally along with the other officers, would like to thank everyone in the guild for making this all possible. We stuck together where other guilds faltered, we pushed through all the way to the end, and in the end we achieved the goal (server first Kil’jaeden kill!), and that is something we can truly be proud of.

Bring on the Wrath of the Lich King!

After having reached 27% on Entropius on the Tuesday before patch day, we were somewhat disappointed that we weren’t able to achieve an actual kill before the nerfing (wtb just a couple more days of attempts). Regardless, a kill is a kill, and M’uru and Entropius have been vanquished in a server first!

Good job everyone, we deserved this kill! On to Kil’Jaeden!

Last weekend, Deeprun Pest Control held the Monkey Island event on Aggramar. Visitors came from far afield: both Horde and Alliance alike were present, including many from far-off servers…

Arena Brawl

The first event was a 9-way class vs class battle in the Gurubashi Arena to see which class could successfully open the treasure chest. It didn’t take long for the mages to be victorious, but this may have been because some classes were just having too much fun ganking their favourite anti-class.

A video of this event was recorded by Wietkop from Strawberry Tigers.

Treasure Hunt

The class battle was followed by a scavenger hunt across Stranglethorn Vale. Following the clues given, the brave adventurers set off in search of such rare items as a message in a bottle and a cockatiel, before finally finding the elusive Buygrush to deliver the items in person.

The winner of this event was Lagola (aka. Amadrienia) from Deeprun Pest Control, who won a “The Footsteps of Illidan” TCG card complete with code for[Path of Illidan.

Costume Contest

The penultimate event was the much anticipated costume contest. Judging the winners was tough, there were many great entries, but eventually 3 clear winners emerged. The 2 runners-up were Pandiani (as Medivh) and Tamber (as an Orc Grunt), each of whom won a “Pet Biscuits” TCG card.

The winner of the contest was a dwarf named Balarak, dressed up as an Irridiated Sentry gnome from Gnomeregan (complete with Alarm Bot pet). He was awarded the grand prize of a Beta key for Wrath of the Lich King.

Organiser Skypheonix and Horde translator Arech with the costume contest winners

Fireworks Display

The final event was a spectacular cliff-top fireworks display. Tens of thousands of fireworks went up in smoke in a stunning display.

A video of the costume contest and the fireworks display was recorded by a visiting cameraman, Existensa. An outtakes video is also available courtesy of Wietkop.

We’d like to thank Skypheonix for organising yet another highly successful and memorable event, and to everyone who attended: thank you for coming, and we hope you had a good time!

Also thanks to the 2 GMs who turned up to show us their moves!

Deeprun Pest Control (DPC) are inviting Aggramar to join them in waving goodbye to the summer in a very special event where we reveal the Secret of Monkey Island! Themed on the game, this event involves a costume contest, treasure hunting, class v class arena war, and the infamous bouts of insult sword fighting! And, as the finale, we’ll be closing with the biggest fireworks display to date!

Starting time: 2:45pm game time, 13th September
Location: The Stranglethorn arena

Lower level escort will leave from Darkshire centre at 2:30 sharp. Don’t be late!

For full details see the thread on the EU Aggramar forums.

Mary Kate and Ashley Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess (also known as the Eredar Twins) were our latest targets in Sunwell Plateau… and now they are dead on a perfect attempt (after about 50 tries of failing to move on conflag, raid getting chain stunned and tanks biting the dust).

As bosses go they’re not the most challenging in SWP, but they are a good idiot / attention span check. We used the so-called “reverse” strategy, killing Lady Sacrolash first – more healing intensive, but much simpler execution.

The loot was:

  • Mantle of the Golden Forest – Judith
  • Grip of Mannoroth – Ruriko
  • Amulet of Unfettered Magics – Yakujim
  • Belt of the Forgotten Protector – Defiant
  • Equilibrium Epaulets – Castodius
  • Sin’dorei Pendant of Triumph – Judith

After a bit of a lull with the holidays, we’re back on form. Felmyst down in spectacular style (even despite a dodgy breath call on 1%, not my fault k! /o\ ).

Loot was (omg no Vanquisher):

  • Chain Links of the Tumultuous Storm (aka. [Kilt of Spiritual Reconstruction]) – Stormina
  • Boots of the Forgotten Protector – Vierklauw
  • Boots of the Forgotten Protector – Axelf
  • Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror – Gruddas

Next up we have a hot date with some twins…

It was a pretty brutal* fight, but Brutallus is now no more.

A monstrous DPS race of epic proportions, and very much a Patchwerk v2.0. Well done to everyone who participated, including those who farmed loads of mats for all the pots we used!

Loot was:

  • Leggings of Calamity – Fercil
  • Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Beecees
  • Belt of the Forgotten Protector – Judith
  • Belt of the Forgotten Protector – Tinything

*The persons responsible for this attempt at a joke have been reprimanded appropriately.

So yep, bit of a late update here due to various issues with the web site hosts being a bit nub of late but hey! Anyways it’s been a while since we’ve had much to stick on the front page as well there hasn’t really been anything left to kill, well until now! After a good kicking we managed to free Kalecgos from the hands of Sarthrovar the Corruptor meaning the first boss for Sunwell Plateau (some new instance in the BE lands…) is cleared! Actual date of the kill was 14/04/08.

Onwards to the next one which is basically Patchwerk v2.0, aka Brutallus which looks to be fun…er yeah unf Patchwerk was fun the first few times then tedious the rest but nvm.

Anyways loot from the kill was:

  • Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Aae
  • Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Ruriko
  • Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror – Umodoko
  • Pantaloons of Growing Strife – Gruddas

Just to prove that we can actually do it properly, Illidan was defeated again, and this time with the whole raid still standing at the end.

Video of this kill is available: Here as filmed by our resident gnoam warlock tank Fercil.

Congratulations everyone, we did it!

Loot this time was:

  • Memento of Tyrande – Traxxdragoni
  • Faceplate of the Impenetrable – Batou
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Conqueror – Zealot
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Lanariel

So it’s done, Illidan dead at the hands of DPC…er except for a slight snag! You see it was all going well, then something went badly wrong and our lock tank got ganked at around 10% midway through a demon phase and he then proceeded to 1 shot a lot of people. So a frenzied burst of damage got him down to 5% from the half dozen survivors of that demon phase before he entered the next demon phase and despite some heroic last min tanking by Yakujim who was wearing 0 SR at the time we had real problems because ofc we had sodd all DPS for the demons! So down to 2%, we’re expecting a wipe and were getting ready to release and start running, last person alive is paralysed with a demon heading right for them and he ends the Demon Phase…

Then something odd happens, he starts kneeling down again right after it and we realise he’s on 0%, end script starts and we’re cheering but there’s a catch ofc. The demon makes it towards the last person before it resets and kills them just after the scripted event starts, even after a Shaman ressing we weren’t sure what was gonna happen. In the end we didn’t have to wait long, Death: [Illidan Stormrage], we cheer again…and then he despawns! Turns out ofc because the last person died during the scripted “death” event we lost the tag on Illidan so grats Maiev on the loot! 🙁 Anyway at the time of writing we’re just awaiting the results of the GM ticket but we should get it sorted at any rate.

Regardless of what happens with the ticket tho it was a good night by all means and a big grats to all involved! Phase 2 proved to be the usual sticking point as we’d had to use 4 different FR tanks over the course of the 3 nights we spent on him simply due to availability, however once that was sussed Phase 3+ was quickly dealt with and he died on the first time we reached Phase 5 (buff trap placement tho!).

Update: We’ve recieved confirmation that we’re recieving the loot which is listed below, these were auctioned out to all involved in the raid as per normal, with the winners recieving the items from the GM’s in the mail. (Be sure to take a screenie of that for later “lol I got Illidan epix in the mail” forum abuse!)

Loot was:

  • Black Bow of the Betrayer – Judith
  • Shroud of the Highborne – Umodoko
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Beecees
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Fantus

In the meantime:

What happens if you disconnect during the Illidan fight in Phase 3+?

If you do that in Phase 2 everyone knows not to relog, after all it causes some issues with charges from the Flames resulting in instagibs. Well Aphadon, our resident magnet of bad luck found out what happens when you disconnect in Phase 4 while being targetted by a Shadow Demon:

Firstly your HS activates when you relog so you end up in Shattrah, however you’re not alone…

Yep the demon followed him all the way from Black Temple to Shattrah and proceeded to gank him on Scryer’s Tier! However the best part was, when he released he ended up at Sentinel Hill! Thats one helluva Corpse run!