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So yep, bit of a late update here due to various issues with the web site hosts being a bit nub of late but hey! Anyways it’s been a while since we’ve had much to stick on the front page as well there hasn’t really been anything left to kill, well until now! After a good kicking we managed to free Kalecgos from the hands of Sarthrovar the Corruptor meaning the first boss for Sunwell Plateau (some new instance in the BE lands…) is cleared! Actual date of the kill was 14/04/08.

Onwards to the next one which is basically Patchwerk v2.0, aka Brutallus which looks to be fun…er yeah unf Patchwerk was fun the first few times then tedious the rest but nvm.

Anyways loot from the kill was:

  • Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Aae
  • Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Ruriko
  • Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror – Umodoko
  • Pantaloons of Growing Strife – Gruddas

So it’s done, Illidan dead at the hands of DPC…er except for a slight snag! You see it was all going well, then something went badly wrong and our lock tank got ganked at around 10% midway through a demon phase and he then proceeded to 1 shot a lot of people. So a frenzied burst of damage got him down to 5% from the half dozen survivors of that demon phase before he entered the next demon phase and despite some heroic last min tanking by Yakujim who was wearing 0 SR at the time we had real problems because ofc we had sodd all DPS for the demons! So down to 2%, we’re expecting a wipe and were getting ready to release and start running, last person alive is paralysed with a demon heading right for them and he ends the Demon Phase…

Then something odd happens, he starts kneeling down again right after it and we realise he’s on 0%, end script starts and we’re cheering but there’s a catch ofc. The demon makes it towards the last person before it resets and kills them just after the scripted event starts, even after a Shaman ressing we weren’t sure what was gonna happen. In the end we didn’t have to wait long, Death: [Illidan Stormrage], we cheer again…and then he despawns! Turns out ofc because the last person died during the scripted “death” event we lost the tag on Illidan so grats Maiev on the loot! 🙁 Anyway at the time of writing we’re just awaiting the results of the GM ticket but we should get it sorted at any rate.

Regardless of what happens with the ticket tho it was a good night by all means and a big grats to all involved! Phase 2 proved to be the usual sticking point as we’d had to use 4 different FR tanks over the course of the 3 nights we spent on him simply due to availability, however once that was sussed Phase 3+ was quickly dealt with and he died on the first time we reached Phase 5 (buff trap placement tho!).

Update: We’ve recieved confirmation that we’re recieving the loot which is listed below, these were auctioned out to all involved in the raid as per normal, with the winners recieving the items from the GM’s in the mail. (Be sure to take a screenie of that for later “lol I got Illidan epix in the mail” forum abuse!)

Loot was:

  • Black Bow of the Betrayer – Judith
  • Shroud of the Highborne – Umodoko
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Beecees
  • Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Fantus

In the meantime:

What happens if you disconnect during the Illidan fight in Phase 3+?

If you do that in Phase 2 everyone knows not to relog, after all it causes some issues with charges from the Flames resulting in instagibs. Well Aphadon, our resident magnet of bad luck found out what happens when you disconnect in Phase 4 while being targetted by a Shadow Demon:

Firstly your HS activates when you relog so you end up in Shattrah, however you’re not alone…

Yep the demon followed him all the way from Black Temple to Shattrah and proceeded to gank him on Scryer’s Tier! However the best part was, when he released he ended up at Sentinel Hill! Thats one helluva Corpse run!

The weeks not even over yet and another boss goes down (well bosses technically), this time the Illidari Council were the ones to tread in the path of the DPC steamroller and came out feeling a little worse for wear. A rather annoyingly long fight plagued with some random and rather frustrating deaths but hey, they’re dead at least!

Just rounds off an excellent week and leaves us facing Illidan now so I look forward to that news post soon!

Loot Was:

  • Madness of the Betrayer – Sjet
  • Leggings of the Forgotten Protector – Batou
  • Leggings of the Forgotten Protector – Tinything

Well, a superb start to the week, killing all the “farm” bosses in one night including Reliquary Of Souls on the 2nd try with a few new faces in the raid, gave us a good head start (Ironically the only other wipe was on Shade Of Akama!) -.- So in true DPC style we capitalised on this, after making sure everyone had their SR gear sorted and giving the citizens of Aggramar a boost by managing to bump the price of Primal Shadows on the AH to almost 40g each (I did warn you guys to farm em in advance!) it was time to face Mother Shahraz!

Now at this point it would be simple to launch into a load of “Yo Momma” jokes but I’ll leave the headline as the only one, besides there’s something mildly uncomfortable about them all! 😛 Regardless to say she died at our hands on the first night of tries after a few tweeks here and there to the strat and positioning. Needless to say it was another good night of solid raiding and yet another obstacle down, Illidari Council next and then it’s just the big guy himself.

Loot was:

  • Pauldrons of the Forgotten Protector – Vierklauw (Why do my rolls suck so much!)
  • Pauldrons of the Forgotten Conqueror – Shigyn
  • Leggings of Devastation – Shigyn

Strike up another one, this time it was Relinqu…Reliqur….Essence of Souls that decided that they needed to take some time out after the DPC band played on. Awesome kill and quite a fun fight (tho bugger me those rage burns are nasty!) with him dead on the second night of tries. Now ofc we have the fun of Mother Shahraz next…or at least scrounging all the Heart of Darkness needed to craft all the SR gear for Mother Shahraz, then it’s just the Illidari Council and finally the big man himself left so we’re well on track for getting BT cleared prior to Sunwell opening up.

Loot was…er yeah well…ok I was Master Looter this time so:

  • Naturewarden’s Treads – Dedru
  • Grips of Damnation – Ruriko

Another one down before Xmas which tbh wasn’t really expected given we’ve alrady got a fair few off on holiday but I’m not complaining! This time it was thefairly fast paced and kinda fun fight that is Gurtogg Bloodboil! So much going on in this fight and yet its still quite fun for the most part! So just 4 more bosses to go so time to start getting those hearts farmed for Shahraz soon…

Loot Was: (Crap and Beecees got a well deserved gkick for it!)

  • Messenger of Fate – Lyu
  • Garments of Temperance – Tallaria

The threat of the Black dragonflight was er…wait they weren’t actually in Hyjal at all were they? Well anyway Archimonde, Sargeras’s right hand demon had a slight run in with the DPC steamroller and came off somewhat worse for wear. Great fight which requires a great deal of co-ordination and attention from all where a single death can ultimately lead to a nasty wipe. It’s rather nice ofc to be going into the Xmas holiday break with such a high ranking kill as this and it ultimately proves DPC as one of the best guilds on the server but then thats something we’ve known ourselves for a long time anyway!

Anyways loot was:

  • Helm of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Lanariel
  • Helm of the Forgotten Conqueror – Svinny
  • Mail of Fevered Pursuit – Gkagliaros
  • Robes of Rhonin – Aae

Only for some it was sooner than others. This time it was the turn firstly for Teron Gorefiend to die (again…he has a habit of not letting that hold him back much though) which is the fourth boss killed in the Black Temple now. He was followed on Sunday by the timely demise of Azgalor which was again the fourth boss only this time in Mount Hyjal which leads us to the fun of Archimonde next!

Loot was:

Teron Gorefiend:

  • Totem of Ancestral Guidance – Castodius
  • Shadowmoon Destroyer’s Drape – Lyu


  • Gloves of the Forgotten Protector – Batou
  • Shady Dealer’s Pantaloons – Kumini (Or Ruriko depending if the loot issue gets sorted!) -.-
  • Gloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher – Aae

Another one down on the first night of tries in Mount Hyjal bringing the tally up to 3/5 in there and also the first 3 bosses in Black Temple as well. This time it was the turn of Kaz’Rogal to be sent back to the nether in time for the weekly instance reset, after loosing a lot of time due to various connection issues (I blame our portugese contingent!) he went down on the second proper try at him.

Loot was:

  • Blue Suede Shoes – Aae
  • Valestalker Girdle – Judith

2 Nights, 3 Kills…makes a nice change from wiping for hours on Kael’Thas at any rate!

First to fall was of course High Warlord Naj’entus, aka Patchwerk v2.0, a pretty healing intense fight with a lot of AoE constantly going on and the most difficult of the 3 new kills. He was followed on the same night by Supremus, bit of a weird fight with it being a combination of Gruul and Thaladred but considering his loot table it was surprisingly easy. Then the next night we went in to face Shade Of Akama for the first time and again it was a bit of an odd fight, kind of like Nefarian Phase 1 only he basically drops down dead shortly after phase 2 starts…Nonetheless quite fun if a little easier than expected but hey it got us the rep required for the Shadow Resistance gear so now its onwards onto the slightly tougher (hopefully) Teron Gorefiend and the rest of the bunch in the Black Temple and ofc still got a few to deal with in Hyjal to keep us busy for the coming weeks!

Loot Was:
High Warlord Naj’entus:

  • The Maelstrom’s Fury – Fantus
  • Guise of the Tidal Lurker – Zeff


  • Bands of the Coming Storm – Zeff
  • Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury – Tinything

Shade of Akama:

  • Kilt of Immortal Nature – Greyowl
  • Wristbands of Divine Influence – Shigyn