Strike up another one, this time it was Relinqu…Reliqur….Essence of Souls that decided that they needed to take some time out after the DPC band played on. Awesome kill and quite a fun fight (tho bugger me those rage burns are nasty!) with him dead on the second night of tries. Now ofc we have the fun of Mother Shahraz next…or at least scrounging all the Heart of Darkness needed to craft all the SR gear for Mother Shahraz, then it’s just the Illidari Council and finally the big man himself left so we’re well on track for getting BT cleared prior to Sunwell opening up.

Loot was…er yeah well…ok I was Master Looter this time so:

  • Naturewarden’s Treads – Dedru
  • Grips of Damnation – Ruriko

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