The twin emperors Vek’lor and Vek’nilash, servants of C’Thun have been defeated!

A fearless team of warlocks and warriors (Yakujim, Aphadon, Perseus and Vierklauw) took the brunt of the Twins’ physical and magical attacks (and were kept alive by an awesome team of healers) while the rest of the team brought the full force of their attack to them (while avoiding exploding bugs, arcane explosions and blizzards of course).

The sneaky twins kept teleporting to each other’s positions in a futile attempt to catch us unawares, but we were ready for their dirty tricks! A few rogues nearly collapsed with exhaustion running between the two, yet were still nimble and agile enough to take over when Aphadon and Vierklauw were slain towards the end of the battle (don’t worry, they’re better now).

A superb job from everyone at getting them down on the very first attempt of the night!

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