Tuesday 22nd August: Deeprun Pest Control strikes a decisive blow against the horde by assassinating their Warchief Thrall in a daring but brilliant raid.

Led by the charismatic Skypheonix, the plan was simple but stunningly effective. An elite summoning team sneaked into Orgrimmar in the dead of night ready to summon the entire raid into position the next day.

While the summons were taking place, a brave secondary team assaulted the Undercity of Lordaeron with the intent of causing the largest distraction possible. This they accomplished with honours. Their brave sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Once the assault began, Thrall soon fell. The warchief he may be, but he and his lieutenants didn’t stand much of a chance against a surprise attack from a 45-strong team of DPC raiders. The horde were caught completely off guard.

After the battle, we proceeded to the centre of Orgrimmar for a spectacular fireworks celebration in true DPC style!

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