Last weekend saw the completion of the war effort leading to the grand opening of the Gates of Ahn’Quiraj. Vohbo of the horde guild “The Dominion” was there on hand on Friday night with the sceptre to start the event and ofc chaos ensued! Unfortunately most of the chaos involved moslty lag and server crashes, 2 before the ringing and a 3rd more fatal one which lasted around 2hours shortly after the actual event was started…Still it didn’t prevent guildies getting some nice screenies!

[images missing :(]

Regardless eventually the server calmed down a bit but unfortunately it was still somewhat laggy so we got a group together and headed into the AQ40 instance which was lag free, bless the instance server being seperate! Had a quick play around in ther getting The Prophet Skeram down to 22% on the best try despite having a pretty random group (we ofc weren’t planning on going into the instance at all that night!), needless to say we’re somewhat confident he’ll be going down fast when we start to do the instance this week. Sat/Sun saw us in AQ20 during the day, good fun inside and very different fights to the usual affair, Buru especially! We still had MC and Nefarian to finish off this week but those are out of the way now so time to have a proper play around in AQ!

Tenakakhan from the guild Final Equlibrium managed to compile a video of the event which can be found here.

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