Week 2 in Ulduar saw another 4 bosses (and a whole lot of fun trash) defeated:


Hodir posed little challenge as we stormed back in on our second week. He was easily taken down on the first attempt despite a frosty reception.


Adding a little more AoE and a little more control into the arena team, we soon slapped this guy silly, and he thanked us for it too.


Quite possibly the most awesomely fun fight in the whole of Ulduar, this mechagnoam was definitely the most challenging of the 4 keepers. But nothing compared to our next challenge…

General Vezax

…No, not the boss himself (though yeah, he was tough too), but those damned trash packs before him. Fortunately our stints in 10-man Ulduar taught us well that:

  1. Those packs have a huge aggro range
  2. Fear is bad mkay
  3. Whatever you do, clear the room from right-to-left

But we soon also learned that:

  1. Ulduar rogues can shadowstep all the way to the instance entrance (and they have 800 energy… WTB)
  2. Staying up on the ledge above while the rest of the raid is pulling is a surefire way to get the entire raid toasted in just a matter of seconds
  3. Packs not resetting properly after a wipe can result in a similarly toasty feeling on the next pull

But undeterred, we cleared it all and scored our latest kill.

Then we briefly peeked in to see Yogg-Saron. From what we saw, it would appear that moving away from clouds is beneficial to your raid’s survival. More useful tips to come!

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