We’ve been awaiting the arrival of Ulduar very eagerly, so as soon as the instance became available we boosted through it.

Some individual boss comments:

Flame Leviathan

We had a general idea on how to kill this guy (lolvehicles!), but the finer details were quite beyond us on the first pull… So we just winged it true DPC style, and ended up 1-shotting him with the achievement “Shutout” without knowing :-). All in all a boss which seems to have been put in place to get people motivated to keep going, as it’s not really a hard encounter, but extremely fun!

Ignis the Furnace Master

Summary of the first 2 nights on him: “Mensai got raped”. Completely bugged encounter, melee’ing people who get charged, as well as absurdly increasing damage on the MT. We decided to wait til he got hotfixed, and 1-shot him on Tuesday instead


We beat the un-nerfed version of this fight, which seemed perfectly tuned to our liking, but I guess one of the early bosses deserves to be a bit more forgiving. Killing dragons, fun!

XT-002 Deconstructor

Amadrienia had to admit after pulling this guy (?) that she’s earning some gold on the side by being a voice actor for Ulduar bosses. Extremely fun fight, very demanding on DPS and a lot going on. More of this please!

Assembly of Iron

A multi-boss encounter with no Warlock tank, what’s this World (of Warcraft) coming to?? In either case, the easy-mode version of this fight didn’t prove much of a challenge, we 2-shot them.


Big guy who likes to grope people. Became scared when he saw our strategy on him was improving and just despawned when we were about to kill him. Came back the day after though, where we 1-shot him.


Summary of the first few pulls on her: “Mensai got raped”. “By pussies”. Deadly Pouncing Cats vs. Deadly Pouncing Cats became a true heroic deathmatch where we had to master the pull (which is the fight really). Soon as that was sorted we made quick work of her. Still bugged as well, as her 4 sentries respawned midfight, but we had tunafish ready to divert them (thank you Lizarb!).


God damn hippie treehugger boss! We had 15 minutes left after we’d killed Auriaya on Monday, so we decided to pay her trash a visit… Some serious AI going on in that there Conservatory of Life: plants who can use teleporters, find a surrogate parent if their real one gets ganked, and dryads who like to trick our people into dispelling, … suffice to say, we had loads of fun 🙂 The boss herself only took a few pulls to master Phase 1, Phase 2 was pretty much a walkover on easy-mode.

Our 10 man squads did some awesome work as well, having everything but Mimiron down so far.

Mimiron sounds like Blizzard gave the guy who developed Gnomeregan one more chance to prove himself, and yeah well… he failed. Completely bugged encounter, where you either wait until he’s hotfixed, or just keep bashing your heads until you get a lucky break… Which we didn’t unfortunately 🙁

All in all, a very productive first week for DPC, and we’re definitely not giving up while we’re ahead now!

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