Chalk up another kill…King Maulgar and his Ogre Council dead on the first night of tries! We had a quick look at Gruul the Dragonkiller which looks to be quite a fun fight as well but didn’t stay too long that night but hey we will be back to pay him a few more visits!

Movie now available: Here

Loot was the Tier 4 Shoulders for Benisaro and Malefic Mask of the Shadows for Lanariel (nerf druid loot?), you can see the linkage on the Latest Drops mod which nicely ties in ofc with the implementation of the new BC DKP tables! While we wont be using DKP for Karazhan we will still be using it for the 25mans so we’ve implemented the new table based on the values carried over from the previous Primary table to close the gaps as it’s largely a fresh start for many in the Burning Crusade. DKP/Auction systems are pretty much unchanged from what we were using before, we’ve just simplfied the values etc so the guildies will already be familair with how it works.

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