…but we’ll skip the Bjork screaming bit!

Yep things have been a little quiet on the news front of late, largley due to the fact everyones all busying playing some “Brummie Crusade” thingy, dunno sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me!

Anyway, ofc we’re all hooked to the Burning Crusade and making some nice headway having good fun in the process with all the new content. I’ve leveled my Draenei Shaman Fuchikoma to 70 (lolol u haev no lief kek!), first one on the server and woulda been the first new race to 70 but nerf work! We’ve had one group already running Karazhan which recently killed the Shade of Aran and we’re starting to run a 2nd and possibly third Karazhan group as well so its all busy busy busy!

P.S. To get the questions out the way: Yes I soloed it all other than the odd instance run so was no powerleveling going on via Guild members or Chinamen or indeed bots though I did take great pleasure in annoying some of the multiple whispers with replies like “bee dee bee dee heya buck!” or “This is an automated reply, the user is currently afk watching porn, please try again at a later time”. Questing ftw, no grinding was necessary and once I hit 58 I headed into outland and yes I did enjoy the content, I was off work for 2 weeks so leveled 1-58 fast then took my time more 58+ in Outland though still leveled fast because blizz nerfed the XP per level requirements from beta…nubs! Oh and yes a Shaman is fun k!

P.P.S. Flying mounts are rather nice! (Giev epic one though!)

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