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With the new adventures and challenges in Naxx the guild bank DPCbonus is once again in use. This time to make it easier to handle and more reliable when it comes to actually getting the bDKP (Skredd, I hope I sorted all now…better late than never! 😉 there will be a list which will stay the same, same values from week to week and any change to it should only be when we add more items you can get reward for donating.

I know some of you feel it is “wrong” to get bDKP when you just want to contribute to the guild and give free enchants when possible but really you should all take this opportunity. This way it also helps the Officers to keep track of who gets what in way of enchants, BoE craft items etc and we can plan the guilds progress from all this. So please see this as a good opportunity to get a reward when you donate and help us make progress in the new encounters ahead. We really do need the guild banks and are happy to give you the bDKP for anything you can do.

Don’t forget that you can request enchanting materials too from the Guild Bank. As always all requests through the Guild Bank Forum.

The old guild banks for herbs, potions etc are ofc still open and happily taking donations but only the things on the bDKP list will get you bDKP and we have also introduced a new bank character to store general enchanting materials and the Tier 3 Mats such as Mooncloth etc.

Details on bDKP rewards can be found here.