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So.. new content came out this week, as per usual we leisurely strolled in with all guns blazing and managed to secure another server #1.

10 man Halion heroic proved to be little in the way of challenging, aside from a few nasty bugs /swat. The 25 man version will probably be a different story however!

In other news since our last update all those months ago, our 25 man team has been cracking down hard in ICC 25. We are now putting solid nights into Lich King heroic and hopefully soon over the coming weeks, will be able to secure a kill. We <3 infest.

We did however, manage to gank his royal frostiness (lol) on the 10 man mode…

Annnnd! On top of all that.. we managed to finish two Shadowmournes, much to our tanks delight. SALV ME PLEASE.

Unfortunatly the bearers of such weapons were unavailable to be photographed. Trust me, its for the best.

Sartharion the Onyx Guardian (with 3 drakes, normal) was slain valiantly tonight by our troops in what was probably the most exciting and intense encounters so far of the expansion, rewarding us with a server first.

Pure hard focus was required on all of our attempts to pull it off and after quite a few oh shit moments and a series of very close tries we managed to down him after what was a pretty expensive weekend! On a similiar note and rather late yes we have actually taken them down in the 25 man version as well!

Here’s to more of the same in Ulduar!

Sartharion 3 drake 10-man kill – 1 February 2009

Sartharion 3 drake 25-man kill – 26 January 2009