DPC has now cleared all current 25-man Cataclysm content on normal mode! Today saw the demise of both Nefarian and Al’Akir. Though we had successfully beaten both of these on 10-man already, these 2 kills complete our 25-man round-up.

Nefarian & Onyxia


Raiding Progress

The round-up of our normal-mode kills is as follows:

Boss 25-man kill
Blackwing Descent
Omnotron Defense System 13 December 2010
Magmaw 16 December 2010
Maloriak 16 December 2010
Atramedes 20 December 2010
Chimaeron 21 December 2010
Nefarian 11 January 2011
Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker 21 December 2010
Valiona and Theralion 21 December 2010
Ascendant Council 30 December 2010
Cho’gall 21 December 2010
Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind 15 December 2010
Al’Akir 11 January 2011

So… heroic mode go go!

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