School was very much in session tonight as DPC showed Instructor Razuvious that physical training alone will not get the job done, and that failing to teach your students basic mind control defence techniques can be very costly indeed. He also learnt that rogues can make very good tanks – for about 15 seconds…

Razuvious is a skilled swordsman and trainer of 4 apprentices. He is the first boss in the Deathknight Wing of Naxxramas and his attacks can bring a warrior to the ground with just a single strike.

Turning his own students against him with the power of mind control, they easily absorbed his powerful attacks, while our expert damage-dealing teams were hitting him with everything they had.

Great work from all, especially the priests who enjoyed a sudden crash course in raid tanking skills, and it all came together nicely. All in all, a very enjoyable fight that we managed to master remarkably quickly!

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