Our first heroic DPC kill in Mist of Pandaria! These dogs sure hit hard, but they couldn’t stand up against our superior painting skills *cough*. We managed to kill the dogs pretty smooth when everything clicked and Soviet Russia decided to give our mage painter a stable internet connection.

After bashing the emperor’s pawns we finally broke the will of the emperor. Let the heroics begins!

Deeprun Pest Control back in action! After a very long time of inactivity we decided to get our sh*t back on track. We managed to clear HC Dragon Soul in just a few weeks. A big shout out to all the people who helped keeping the DPC spirit alive!

The race for Mists of Pandaria is on … See you there!!

After 188 attempts and a handful of excruciating low percentage wipes, we finally managed to vanquish the Firelord on Heroic difficulty, claiming another Realm First for DPC.

Greyowl has also managed to complete the guild’s first Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. Congratulations to him!



First of all, if you are wondering “they always do titles that have DPC in them and this one isn’t one :O” well its there, just the other way around simply because this title was too good to pass on.

Now to the interesting part:

The Ascendant Council took us 1 night to master and kill, it was hard to fight all the elements but in the end they lacked heart.

With this last server first of the tier we finally get to 13/13 HC right before Firelands comes out enabling us to concentrate on the new content that will be here soon.

After we took care of Chogall it was time for Lady Sinestra to bite the dust, or go back to her lava bath if you prefer that way.

Took us a bit over a week to learn how to dodge cutters, dodge purple balls, not overaggro whelps, not rage at stupid stuff like keyboards getting stuck and loads more.

But after we managed to do all that in 1 try it was great, everything clicked and Sintharia went back to the hole she came from.

And yet again a group of brave DPC members took a server first 😀

After a couple of months without raiding due to some issues we had we decided to get on with it and get our progress on track again.

We prepared to face the dual-headed beast that is Chogall for an epic battle in The Bastion of Twilight but in the end he just gave us arround 20 minutes of fun since he died on the second pull enabling us to secure yet another Aggramar Server First for DPC 😀

The favoured spawn of Deathwing: Nefarian and Onyxia, have now been slain on heroic 25-man mode; completing our progress through Blackwing Descent, and granting us another server first achievement.

I’m hoping they’re really dead this time; as resurrected bosses go these ones have had quite a few runs.

I’m obliged to mention that some mages also did some heroic respeccing and we’re all very impressed…

In other news we have also defeated Al’Akir heroic on 10-man mode (which is currently a bit easier than 25-man) for yet another server first achievement. Everyone in that raid forgot to take a screenshot though. Bunch of muppets.

Hopefully we’ll be able to report on a 25-man kill of that some time soon, but our focus now is the remainder of the Bastion of Twilight: Ascendant Council, Cho’gall and of course Sinestra.

With our rogues making the noble sacrifice* of going subtlety spec, we went into Bastion of Twilight for our first night of attempts on the dragon twins of Theralion and Valiona and… killed them!

Great job everyone!

* This is what you get when you leave the rogue officer to do all of the news posts

Here is the boss kill report for our first 7 heroic boss kills in Cataclysm!

They said it couldn’t be done, that I was not up to the challenge of coming up with a DPC caption for each one, but they were wrong.

Dragon Preponderant Commander

Ok, that one was a stretch, but anyway… Halfus Wyrmbreaker (being one of the easiest heroic-mode bosses) was the first boss on our list to die.

Devastatingly Poisonous Chimaera

Chimaeron was next in line and proved to be quite the healing challenge, but fortunately not too difficult.

Disappointing and Potion Crazed

Maloriak… yeah I wasn’t around for this kill but I’m sure it was, like, hard and stuff.

Draughty Prelude to Chief

We dreaded the Conclave of Wind fight and put it off for a bit, given our often flaky performance on the normal mode of the fight, but when we actually went for it, although it took a few nights of tries it wasn’t actually that hard.

Deafening the Poor Chap

Atramedes turned out to be way easier than we expected. With the heroic mode not really adding anything new to the fight we soon got it down (although the first kill was… a close call).

Dwarven Protective Constructs

With a heck of a lot going on at once, the Omnotron fight was quite challenging to learn (dealing with the tricky combinations properly and not failing on the basic stuff were the main orders of the day). Fun fight though.

Damn Pesky Centipede

Magmaw went down today after the second night of attempts. Good kiting, good healing, and not standing in fire are key to victory here.

Seems we forgot to take a screenshot of this kill so, erm, here’s a picture of some DPC officers standing where the boss would have been! Yay!

(I wasn’t even there for the kill, why am I in that shot??)

DPC’s Progress Continues

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post more than I enjoyed making it. We’re over half-way through the bosses now, just the much more difficult ones left to go. No problem…